When you read Aapti’s story it is hard to imagine that she is only 19 years of age. When Aapti was just 6 months old, her mother died, and her father an addict abandoned her. Aapti however was not alone she was taken in and raised by her grandfather.

Rescue of 11 girls in Indian Brothel

Rescue of 11 girls in Indian Brothel

First of a Kind Raid, 11 Girls Rescued and Two Major Traffickers Arrested   Free for Life International, a U.S. anti-trafficking organization, in partnership...

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Free For Life International
Free For Life International

Free for Life now fully partners with PRC at 2 border monitoring stations Nepal/India border & Nepal/Tibet

Free For Life International
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Free for Life supports 2 temporary shelters at each border station for rescued girls fostering health, stability and self- confidence. 100% of all needs met are free of charge.

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Scholarship are given to girls that have been victimized by trafficking as well as those considered at high risk.

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In 2013 Free for Life launched our Tailoring classes through each of our partner border monitoring stations. Offering 20-25 girls per class the ability to take a 6 month tailoring class. In this way she will now have the sustainable skill of tailoring when she graduates.

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